A&D Docks and Service is built upon its service.  We offer a wide variety of services for your waterfront needs.


  • Annual Installation/Removal of Docks, Lifts, and Tracks
  • Transport Docks/Lifts
  • Dock/Lift Repair
  • Electric Motor Repair
  • Dock/Lift Storage off-site
  • Any boat service we refer to Zacho Sports Center


Don’t get stranded in the snow and cold- We offer commercial snow removal-call for your free quote today!

Hourly Labor Rate: $80 - $120
Pontoon Service Charge: (Required if pontoon is needed to perform singular job. When multiple jobs are in the area, there is no additional charge for pontoon)
15 miles$150
16-30 miles$210
31-50 miles$270
51-75 miles$330
76-100 miles$390
101+ milescall for quote

Product Delivery Charges  
15 miles$80
16-30 miles$120
31-50 miles$160
51-75 miles$200
76-100 miles$240
101-150 miles$320
151-200 miles$400
201-250 miles$480

DOCK Annual Installation or Removal (MINIMUM) 
Roll-In, Truss Frame style docks (Examples: Dock Rite, Daka, Hewitt)$130+
Sectional Dock Frames (Examples: Pier Pleasure, Shorestation)$30+
Sectional Dock Frames (Instant Dock)$30 - $50
Winter Storage$80
LIFT Annual Installation or Removal (MINIMUM)
Lift with No Canopy Frame$160+
Lift with Canopy Frame$160+
PWC Lift (Without Frame)$100
PWC Lift (With Frame)$100+
Canvas Installation$100+
Canvas Removal & Fold +Canvas Winter Storage$100+

New Dock assembly charges 
Per running foot Pier Pleasure, Hewitt, EZ Dock$2.50/ft
Accessories8% of Acc. Cost
New Dock installation charges
Per running foot Pier Pleasure, Hewitt, EZ Dock$2.50/ft

New Lift assembly charges 
Hydraulic (Rate increases with size, ask for details)$200
Accessories8% of Acc. Cost
New Lift installation charges
Hydraulic (Rate increase with size, ask for details)$240